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Crutch-up "Neo Magnets 5x10"

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You want to succumb to the proverbial magical attraction of the super-strong neodymium magnets and just play around?

Then equip yourself with our magnets (5x10mm, 10 pieces), as we also use them in the base of the "Neo+"!

A drop of superglue...

...and the magnet will stick to almost any surface (be warned: your fingers also count as a surface, even if you haven't cleaned them with alcohol beforehand for better adhesion...).

And again a warning: Even though there are much stronger neodymium magnets, the ones listed above are not to be underestimated. They do not belong in the mouth, on the earlobe or in the fingers of children! Therefore, find out how to ensure safe handling! Thank you!

* You cannot use these magnets for clipping your crutches or walking stick, they are too weak for that. 

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