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Crutch-up "Neo Cable & Band"

6,00 CHF each
4,00 CHF per unit for buying at least 10


You have already run around the world with your «Neo+» and the retraction rubber is getting tired? Or you want to adjust the length?

Then equip yourself with our replacement set!

  • 100% biodegradable and recyclable

The plastic is made of PLA (polylactic acid), which is produced from renewable and natural raw materials (e.g. corn starch) and is therefore compostable. The retractable rubber is also a natural product and decomposes into its atom without causing any harm.

THAT'S what we call respect for future generations thanks to true circular economy!

  • But let's be honest...

Even if our price is very reasonable: You can "borrow" a rubber ring from your office neighbour and if you still have some single-fibre nylon (1.5 to 1.8mm) or 3D printer filament (1.75mm) left, you can save our set. Simply heat one end of the cable with a lighter, compress it and it is ready for assembly. Of course, this is already done in the set.

Because we have understood: Customers who trust us are more likely to recommend us...

(But in this case, be sure to return the rubber ring to your office neighbour after use, won't you...).

Image Product Color Neos
Crutch-up "Neo Cable'n'Ring" - Galaxy Black / Galaxy Silver Galaxy Black / Galaxy Silver 10 items in stock
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Crutch-up "Neo Cable'n'Ring" - Galaxy Black / Azure Blue Galaxy Black / Azure Blue 10 items in stock
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Crutch-up "Neo Cable'n'Ring" - Galaxy Black / Ms. Pink Galaxy Black / Ms. Pink 10 items in stock
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Crutch-up "Neo Cable'n'Ring" - Galaxy Black / Pearl Red Galaxy Black / Pearl Red 10 items in stock
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Crutch-up "Neo Cable'n'Ring" - Galaxy Black / Viva La Bronze Galaxy Black / Viva La Bronze 10 items in stock
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