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How can you prevent crutches from falling?
Very simple, with the practical « Neo » crutch holder!

When crutches or canes need to be put aside, they regularly fall on the floor, much to the annoyance of the owner, who often has trouble picking them up again. Anyone who has ever been dependent on walking aids will confirm this.

However, we are of the opinion that the less we get annoyed, the faster we run towards a cure or a more relaxed life. 

That is why we have invented the practical stand system with Crutch-Up « Neo »: Depending on the need and situation, the crutch or walking stick can be kept handy in different ways.

...and gravity goes from enemy to friend!


Gravity goes from enemy to friend

The weight of your crutches is transformed into a "hug" and they remain standing bolt upright. 

« NEO » :
Instantly free hands thanks to belt clip and strong neodymium magnets
"Store" your crutches or walking stick simply in front of your stomach or on your back thanks to the belt clip. This way, they are not constantly on the ground and are always within reach. The magnets are so strong that they even stick to the fridge or your neighbour's Rolls-Royce...
« NEO+ » :
Like the « NEO », but plus...
Ingenious stand mechanism
Thanks to the ingenious mechanism, you can extend and retract the stable feet with your little finger with almost no effort, no matter which hand you use.
Yes to Switzerland as an economic location, because all this...
...was invented in Switzerland!
...is being further developed in Switzerland!
...and is printed and pre-assembled in Switzerland on the best 3D printers in the in-house print farm!

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Getting well, not upset...!
  • Free delivery from CHF 150.00!