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What motivates us

Crutch-up.ch wants to make life easier for people who are dependent on walking aids. Because crutches or walking sticks, if you let them go, have the unwelcome property of not staying where the user would like them to. Constant annoyance and frustration follow. This is why the founder of Crutch-up.ch invented the aptly named "stay-put" system with the « Neo » & « Neo+ ».

It's been proven that we heal faster or are generally more likely to go through life with a smile if we don't get angry all the time. We thought that was motivation enough to start this project! And our customers regularly prove us right!
How was the « Neo » & « Neo+ » invented?

We are often asked how one comes to invent, produce and market such a system.

Well, all it takes is a swearing father-in-law after a hip operation, a bit of gravity and a little inventive talent. And the fact that the few existing systems of the "competition" do not meet the various requirements by far makes it even easier for us and our system even more successful!
Who is this ominous founder and inventor?

There is nothing ominous about this gentleman... His name is Martin Svejda, he is a business economist by profession, speaks 6 languages fluently and has been training Jiu-Jitsu for 25 years with the Gendarmerie Vaudoise (so that the spirit lives in a healthy body).

But he has found his true vocation in solving problems, which he sees more as mind games, so that the magic power of the grey cells is not lost over time. Apart from a strong imagination, he has taught himself 3D design, electronics, and wood and metalworking through self-study. The means to create solutions like the « Neos » are, among others, computers, 3D printers and laser cutters.

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  • Free delivery from CHF 150.00!